[Haskell-cafe] Project postmortem II /Haskell vs. Erlang/

Bulat Ziganshin bulatz at HotPOP.com
Wed Jan 4 14:57:03 EST 2006

Hello Joel,

use enclosed unstuff.hs
ghc -O2 --make unstuff.hs -o unstuff -lz
./unstuff trace.dat +RTS -s -A10m


1) are you really don't use -O2 switch? :)

2) your origianl program spend 2/3 of it's time in GC. so i used
-A10m to reduce GC times

3) i also placed lock around `unstuff` call to decrease GC times

4) small delay between starting threads allow each thread to start

of course, try these changes in your real networking code

Best regards,
 Bulat                            mailto:bulatz at HotPOP.com
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