[Haskell-cafe] does haskell have plist's ?

Scott Weeks weeksie at twelvestone.com
Tue Feb 7 19:48:31 EST 2006

I just wanted to say thanks for posting that, I have been struggling 
with a similar problem and I still haven't fully wrapped my head around 
Typeable and fundeps so that PList code you posted helped immensely.


On 05/02/2006, at 3:57 AM, J. Garrett Morris wrote:

> On 2/4/06, raptor <raptor at tvskat.net> wrote:
>> does Haskell have a property lists. Like Lisp ?
>> any pointer to examples ?
> Not built in to the language.  It's not hard to get the same
> functionality though - I've attached a module that takes a (not
> tremendously elegant) approach to the same thing, though.  You'll have
> to store PLists explicitly, though, and this requires GHC.
>  /g
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