[Haskell-cafe] greencard and cabal, how to do it right?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sun Dec 17 15:57:05 EST 2006

> suggests that it wants "--libdir=../c_lib"
> instead of "--libdir ../c_lib". Could this be the case? I'd like to 
> think it would parse them pretty much the same way but you can never be 
> sure...
Hi Dougal.
Thanks for your suggestion.
This might be the case. But is not here.
(I could have bet that my mail was to long to be read completely ;)
But I didn't know how to shorten it even more.

Have another look at my shell line.
1. it runs
		./setup -v build || echo -e "\n\n ===> build failed \n\n"; 
which doesn't create Greencard.hs but prints the greencard command beeing executed.
This command line is then beeing grepped for and passed to eval to be

	eval `./setup -v build 2>&1 | grep /usr/local/bin/greencard`
which invokes the greencard command containing --lbidir ../c_lib which
works fine which the final ls shows.. (Greencard.hs exists then)

That's the odd thing I can't cope with at the moment..


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