[Haskell-cafe] greencard and cabal, how to do it right?

Dougal Stanton ithika at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 14:46:18 EST 2006

Quoth Marc Weber, nevermore:

>>       $ ls; ./setup -v build || echo -e "\n\n ===> build failed \n\n"; eval `./setup -v build 2>&1 | grep /usr/local/bin/greencard` && echo -e "\n\n =====> this works why?" ; ls
> 1>      Greencard.cabal  Greencard.gc  Greencard_stub_ffi.c  Greencard_stub_ffi.h  dist  greencard_stub_ffi.c  greencard_stub_ffi.h  setup  setup.hi  setup.hs
>         Preprocessing executables for greencard-0.0...
> 2>      */usr/local/bin/greencard --libdir ../c_lib -tffi -oGreencard.hs Greencard.gc*
>         unrecognized option `--libdir ../c_lib'

This may be a complete shot in the dark but

>  --libdir=DIR                   use base library location

suggests that it wants "--libdir=../c_lib"
instead of "--libdir ../c_lib". Could this be the case? I'd like to 
think it would parse them pretty much the same way but you can never be 


Dougal Stanton

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