[Haskell-cafe] I'd like start with Haskell, but...

Waldemar Biernacki wb at sao.pl
Sat Dec 16 18:44:28 EST 2006

Thank you Bryan!

> > That said, if I was writing a GUI+database thing, which doesn't do a
> > lot of substantial processing (more just Add/Edit/Delete buttons), I'd
> > definately use C# over Haskell. 

Hmm. is that mean that the languages can be comparable? 
I did some Perl applications - just GUI+database. However, my way
of solving these problems is in fact to build additional high level interface 
between user and system (some kind of over 4th GL tool). 
In fact, having such a tool, all what remain for peaple making end-user 
application is to focus on logic not to syntactic. 
The final aim of the aproach is to get a tool in which there will be no 
syntactic errors during modelling bussiness logic. Recently I've finished very 
primary version of the tool (0.001:-). 
It works fine, but it is quite dirty inside and difficult to maintanance. 
Additionally it's written in Perl and is quite slow, but usefull already. 
I've hoped that Haskell is much cleaner in coding, much faster in performing 
final application, can get compiled program and force me not to go too short 
roads and think more about. 

I do not know C#, but what was attracting me to Haskell is - as they say - 
compact, clean and very functional way of programming. 

> > Haskell can do this, but you are 
> > walking a relatively new path. 
Then the question is: Is Haskell 'freaky' enough to be a good choice :-)
I'm not afraid to go new path, I am afraid to go wrong path and to lost time 
and efforts. 

> I agree with Neil here. I've been working with Haskell for a while and
> I wouldn't have the foggiest idea of how to start a GUI / Database
> project. After working with C# for about a week, I had a substantial
> GUI / Database program going for a company I interned with last
> summer. Haskell is good for a lot of things, and I'm sure somebody
> someday will show me that Haskell is even great for GUI/Database, but
> you should always use the right tool for the job, and for your job,
> I'd say C# is the right tool.

Maybe, but what is still unclear for me: Haskell is wrong for GUI/Database 
application because of lack of good libraries or because of it's way of 


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