[Haskell-cafe] Aim Of Haskell

minh thu noteed at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 14:40:37 EST 2006


I don't answer specific previous line of mail but just give my opinion :)

As with any non-mainstream or young language, there's some kind of
lack of libraries/tools/whatever. With the arrival of Java, people get
used to have scores of libraries which are 'right there', just 'part'
of the java api. (Just google for any "java <class-name>" and 1/ you
will find the approriate doc on sun's site and 2/ well, there's no
number 2 : the library is already availble on your machine).

The problem is the same with other languages. I talk especially of the
problem of finding last version of a lib, installing it,
finding/reading the doc.

But the problem is quite cosmetic. There *are* libs.

I don't know Cabal.
Maybe such a tool has to enforce or encourage the lib author to
package it carefully. Maybe such a tool could be used with a
haskell.org-side server app to provide the relevent information to the
user and cache the lib if it's author is erased from the map.

If the haskell community has the tool, I'm sure every member of the
community will use it. (the problem with tool adoption is another

(I found the idea on the wiki of 'how to start a haskell project' has
the same merit.)

Well. Don't bother with 'building the community' or 'spread the word'.
People on this mailing list have needs which are quite the same than
the ones that will make the two 'goals' happen. Or in other words : I
see a lot of thread about 'building ...' and 'spread ..' but the fact
is : the community is building up itself and does it quite right.


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