[Haskell-cafe] Type problem with simple takusen code (was: Trivialdatabase access in Haskell)

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at invescoperpetual.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 04:11:48 EST 2006

> From: Paul Moore [mailto:p.f.moore at gmail.com] 
> >runhaskell db.hs
> can't load .so/.DLL for: sqlite3 (addDLL: unknown error)
> This seems odd, as I'm not (intending to be) using sqlite here. If I
> copy a sqlite3.dll onto my PATH (just to get by, it's quite possible
> sqlite isn't set up right but I really don't care just now) I get past
> this, but get
> >runhaskell db.hs
> <interactive>:
> C:\Program Files\Haskell\Takusen-0.6\ghc-6.6/HSTakusen-0.6.o: unknown
> symbol `_PQconnectdb'
> ghc.exe: unable to load package `Takusen-0.6'

This appears to be caused by ghci/runhaskell wanting to link the entire
library at once, rather than just the modules you're using. I don't know
if this is a bug or a feaure with ghci; anybody else want to comment?

This problem affects both ghci and runhaskell. It does not affect ghc,
though. I'm not sure what the best solution is; we might have to do what
Krasimir did with HSQL and make each database-specific module a separate

For now, if you want to use Takusen, you are stuck with ghc (the
compiler). This invocation:
  > ghc --make db.hs -o db
should make you a working db.exe.

I have added a README.txt to the darcs repo, which hopefully provides a
lot of this missing information. I haven't added uninstall instructions
though :-)

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