[Haskell-cafe] On improving libraries: wanted list

isto Isto.Aho at dnainternet.net
Mon Dec 11 06:19:02 EST 2006

ma, 2006-12-11 kello 11:52 +1100, Donald Bruce Stewart kirjoitti:
>     http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Wanted_libraries

> A good constructive list here will help focus developer efforts, and
> someone may just step up with the code!

Hi Don,

I couldn't agree more on this :)  

About 'Wanted' page: would it be possible to easily have an 
index being up-to-date reporting the activity status of each lib?
Either in this 'Wanted' page or somewhere else like in the 

For example, first it seems that there are plenty of nice math
libraries but then it is harder to choose which one to use because
one does not see right away, which are still actively developed and
which are more or less on their own on the bit space...
e.g. date of the last revision could be on the end of title 
or first thing on the description?

Another thing somebody might would like to see easily is the license
e.g. as a last word on the title?

Could/can Cabal tell all this to me with one command?  That is, give a
list of available libraries to be downloaded with their versions,
licences and current #downloads? :)  

br, Isto

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