[Haskell-cafe] Aim Of Haskell

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 10:22:44 EST 2006


> After all Erlang was chosen, in second place Clean and in 3rd Haskell.
> Because those two ones has some standards, and Erlang licensing was the
> chosen one.

Haskell and Erlang have standards and multiple implementations, as far
as I know, there is only one Clean implementation. There is currently
an attempt to define a new Haskell standard. Are you complaining about
Haskell standards compliance?

> your tasks, because there is strange variations in syntax, and strange
> behaviors in components.

Behaviours in syntax? Really? When following Haskell 98 (the language
standard)? I use at least 3 Haskell compilers/interpreters and the
differences are nearly none.

> (Even clean has a simple GUI. Is it that hard to
> provide a simple GUI like that to be installed by default?)

Why not provide two, that can be installed? Gtk2Hs and wxHaskell. You
can bundle them by default, or download them, the difference is

> And real applications are not those that really worked in research! Real
> applications are those that works in real world (That mean-level day to day
> developing life!).

Darcs? Linspire? Bluespec? Galois? Real programs, using Haskell not
"for fun", but because its the best thing they have available.

>  And still there is ambition in licensing GHC
> and licensing of programs that are developed in that environment.

GHC is BSD licensed. Yhc is GPL licensed. Is there some purpose which
you need a  Haskell compiler under a license which isn't either BSD or
GPL? Neither imposes any conditions on the compiled programs.



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