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Kaveh Shahbazian kaveh.shahbazian at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 10:15:23 EST 2006

What is the aim of Haskell? This question may seems too stupid to answer.
But I think it needs a re-clarifying attempt. Why? i.e recently there was a
project not that critical, but an internal tool for a group. There were
three candidates : Haskell, Clean and Erlang. In this company all projects
are in C# and this was the first one for using a new approach in
After all Erlang was chosen, in second place Clean and in 3rd Haskell.
Because those two ones has some standards, and Erlang licensing was the
chosen one. But Haskell seems to be buzz-full research platform.
Now again to the top : what is the aim of Haskell project? If it is going to
be used in real world applications it needs more attention to real world
application developers and their needs. And if not; and it is just for
research, then there could be a global advise : do not use this for doing
your tasks, because there is strange variations in syntax, and strange
behaviors in components. (Even clean has a simple GUI. Is it that hard to
provide a simple GUI like that to be installed by default?)
And real applications are not those that really worked in research! Real
applications are those that works in real world (That mean-level day to day
developing life!). So please do not talk about Lispiry things - that are
totally ananymous and virtual. And still there is ambition in licensing GHC
and licensing of programs that are developed in that environment.
Thanks to all.
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