[Haskell-cafe] Galois Connections seeking a developer

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Wed Aug 30 20:25:44 EDT 2006

Galois is seeking a full-time candidate for software development and
systems integration in the field of high assurance computing.  A
successful candidate should have a good understanding of the
inner workings of databases, good development skills in a number of
languages, including at least one functional language (preferably
Haskell), and web development.  The candidate should have excellent
Linux and Unix skills.  If the candidate does not know Haskell, they
should be good at learning new programming languages, and can
reasonably expect to be fluent in Haskell within a few months.

 * Database analysis
 * Python and PHP web development
 * Learning and adapting Linux-related technologies including Xen,
   SELinux, and Knoppix
 * Creating or modifying Debian packages
 * Haskell development

 * Databases implementation internals
 * Web development, Services-Oriented Architectures
 * Fluent in Haskell or other functional languages
 * Grounding in computer security
 * XML
 * Linux and Unix

 * Extreme Programming (XP) development experience
 * Experience deploying software products
 * Open source software development experience
 * Ability to get US security clearance

 * Masters degree or equivilent experience

Please respond with a resume and a cover letter explaining your fit to
jobs at galois.com.  Feel free to forward to interested parties.



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