[Haskell-cafe] Compiling To C And Why Not Compiling To Java Or C#?

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 13:24:14 EDT 2006

Hello Kaveh,

Sunday, August 6, 2006, 5:40:26 PM, you wrote:

> I think we need a subset of haskell as a new language (or as a
> developing pattern) to work with and teach and learn more easily as
> you have mentioned.

it called Helium :)  but in general problem is what Haskell's way to
deal with problems is to find most general and abstract solution, such
as enclosing monads just for doing I/O. it's great for programmers
interesting in raising their programming languages knowledge
(i usually study several new languages each year, so Haskell with all
its extensions partially replaces my need in new interesting languages ;) )
but can be nightmare for 99% of programmers. after all, they need to
learn many many other things besides of language tricks interesting
for souls like me

> I had read a text about mathematics which was something like this :
> "New mathematic theories does not populize because of their fabiolus
> logical theorems, but because of death of elder mathematicians and
> forging a new folk of them that were rised by new theories.".

that's true for any science (recall for example Freud's story) and
moreover for any ideology (Moses drived Hebrews over the desert for 40
years just in order that Jews that born in slavery was died)

> That is usefull to have in mind.
> (And because of that, maybe there is no force to compele someone to
> disturbe his mind on a peacfull friday afternoon! ;) )
> Anyway the point is developing more efficient and easily; instead of
> serving marketing features of languages.

that is entirely different question. while Haskell is rare bird, _i_
can't use it in commercial environment. as one manager said "i can
easily find 10 C++ programmers. but where i will find 3 Haskell
developers?" ;)

> And there must be - and will be - someone (or some will) to makes
> things better. "very high level of FP" in Haskell is good but there is
> no lower level of them somewhere else. So almost the only choice for a
> useful FP environment is Haskell.

if i correctly understood that you mean, there is Ocaml and FP
features in many languages. most important things, imho, are anonymous
closures and 1st-class functions. even current C# should support this

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