[Haskell-cafe] 1G strings in Haskell

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Apr 20 02:26:14 EDT 2006

    Can I manipulate 1G strings in Haskell?

Short answer:
    Yes! Mostly.

Doing some stress testing of FPS, here are some results for 1G strings.

3.2Ghz box, 2G physical mem.
Size of input string: 1G

N.B. 2G of physical ram is not enough when trying to benchmark functions
that copy 1G strings around :)

    Function        Time in seconds

All O(1) functions:
    length          O
    index           0
    head            0
    tail            0
    last            0
    init            0

O(n) , but answer found early on:
    compare         0           
    any             0
    all             0
    elem            0
    elemIndex       0

O(n) mostly:
    maximum         3.855    
    minimum         4.666   
    filterChar      8.084   
    elemIndicies    11.504  
    lines           12.247  
    find            14.046  
    tails           27.328
    inits           33.620  
    words           100.963
    map toUpper     143.871

Failed due to memory exhaustion. 
Almost made it though, just need a tad more ram than I had.

    filter          !     
    unlines         !
    unwords         !
    reverse         !           -- copy
    cons            !           -- copy
    snoc            !           -- involves a copy
    ++              !           -- can't concat two 1G strings on this box

    sort            ? taking too long, but space was ok.

[Char] functions are much more costly.
    pack            !           -- constructing 1G [Char] is not ok.
    unpack          !            

Lesssons, you can play with 1G strings in Haskell. Having more than 2G
ram is useful though. Replacing higher order functions with hard coded
first order equivalents can help.

-- Don

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