[Haskell-cafe] Creating a profiling version of FPS

Jeremy O'Donoghue jeremy.odonoghue at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 05:03:51 EDT 2006

Hi list,

I'm currently working on a pretty simple Haskell program to manipulate
memory dumps taken from an embedded environment.

The memory dumps are 64MB in length, so I manipulate them using Don Stuart's
Fast Packed String library, as it supports mmapped files.

I'm a relative Haskell newbie, so unsurprisingly my first attempt has
dreadful performance (30% of time spent in GC), and I want to do some
profiling to find out why.

The difficulty is that I seem to be unable to produce a profiling-enabled
version of the FPS library, which means that my application cannot be
compiled with profiling enabled. I notice that most of the GHC libraries
seem to come with both profiling and non-profiling versions enabled.

Does anyone know how I can create both profiling and non-profiling version
of FPS? As a matter of interest (feature request), why doesn't Cabal build
profiling and non-profiling libraries as a matter of course, given that you
can't link non-profiling code with profiling-enabled code?

Thanks in advance

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