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Jessica Fan nickandjessicapics5 at yahoo.se
Mon Sep 12 02:24:57 EDT 2005


I have also just started that. I have tried the
windows library with WinHugs, the wrapper librabry
SOEGraphics from the author of the School of
Expression book. These are just apart of another big
library and c++ linker, but easier. Right now I have a
hugs dotnet interpreter with a library, I think you'll
find it, it's called Hugs.net and works excellent with
the dotnet framework and delegates to a windows dotnet
function for example.

The SOE graphics is more or less for clicking with the
mouse, quite simple, but worth trying. I have also
tried a DirectX library called Fran, but the examples
had a tendency to crash. SOE is perfect and works with
unix code, almost no difference.

None of these libraries works with GHC, though. There
is a .NET version out that will compile and works with
Visual Studio IDE, but I haven't tried it. It will
compile to .NET code, at least they say so. I think
you'll find it, it's called haskell.net or something
like that.

Also, as I mentioned, the SOE and those libraries are
ripped from a C++ linker, where you can use OpenGL,
it's quite big and I haven't tried it either, since
the installation failed me, but then you'll get
absolutely everything, search for HGL I guess it's

Ther Jessica Simpson fan

--- Brian McQueen <mcqueenorama at gmail.com> skrev:

> How can I use Haskell to do general Windows
> programming, like you
> would be able to do if you were using one of those
> Windows IDEs:
> *moving data between windows apps
> *gaining access to windows registry
> *in general, access to the available Windows APIs
> I'm sure folks must be writing Windows apps in
> Haskell somewhere.  How
> do I get started?
> Brian McQueen
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