[Haskell-cafe] doc/html -> wiki -> xml

Ketil Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Wed Nov 16 04:10:34 EST 2005

Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:

>Oh no!  Converting LaTeX to HTML is terrible, in my opinion.  One reason for 
>this is that LaTeX isn't a markup language and provides a mixture of logical 
>and visual macros.
Conversely, I've occasionally tried to convert stuff - I think a TMR 
issue was one example, and occasionally HTML documents - to PDF via 
LaTeX.  Unfortunately, people used a variety of ways to get the desired 
look and feel, and it's very difficult to do the conversion 
automatically (or 'unsupervised' as we like to call it here :-).

The ideal is to have a simple, rigid, semantic markup in the source 
document.  While I dislike XML at least as much as the next guy, it is 
probably the best choice for this.   Ideally, the DTD should be a lot 
simpler than DocBook, but OTOH, DocBook comes with a lot of conversion 
methods for free.


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