[Haskell-cafe] Pickling HList

Joel Reymont joelr1 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 09:04:03 EST 2005


I'm having trouble creating a pickler for HLists and would appreciate  
a solution.

The code for (HCons e HNil) works fine but I get an error trying to  
implement puHList for (HCons e l) where l is supposed to be (HCons  
e ...), i.e. another HList.

Couldn't match the rigid variable e' against PU e'
`e' is bound by the instance declaration at Bar.hs:17:0

Expected type: HCons (PU e) l Inferred type: HCons e l
In the first argument of puHList', namely l'

In the second argument of pair', namely (puHList l)'

Failed, modules loaded: none.

module Bar where

import Data.Word
import OOHaskell

main = print "We are here!"

class HList l => HLPU l where
     puHList :: HCons (PU e) l -> PU (HCons e l)

instance HLPU HNil where
     puHList (HCons pe HNil) =
         wrap (\e -> HCons e HNil,
               \(HCons e HNil) -> e)

instance HList l => HLPU (HCons e l) where
     puHList (HCons pe l) =
         wrap (\(a, b) -> HCons a b,
               \(HCons a b) -> (a, b))
                    (pair pe (puHList l))

newtype TourType = TourType TourType_ deriving (Show{-, Typeable-})
newtype AvgPot = AvgPot Word64 deriving (Show{-, Typeable-})

data TourType_
     = TourNone
     | TourSingle
     | TourMulti
     | TourHeadsUpMulti
     deriving (Enum, Show{-, Typeable-})

--- Pickling

data PU a = PU { appP :: (a, [Word8]) -> [Word8],
                  appU :: [Word8] -> (a, [Word8]) }

pickle :: PU a -> a -> [Word8]
pickle p value = appP p (value, [])

unpickle :: PU a -> [Word8] -> a
unpickle p stream = fst (appU p stream)

lift :: a -> PU a
lift x = PU snd (\s -> (x, s))

sequ :: (b -> a) -> PU a -> (a -> PU b) -> PU b
sequ f pa k = PU (\ (b, s) -> let a = f b
                                   pb = k a
                              in appP pb (b, appP pa (a, s)))
               (\ s -> let (a, s') = appU pa s
                           pb = k a
                       in appU pb s')

pair :: PU a -> PU b -> PU (a,b)
pair pa pb = sequ fst pa (\ a -> sequ snd pb
                           (\ b -> lift (a,b)))

wrap :: (a -> b, b -> a) -> PU a -> PU b
wrap (i, j) pa = sequ j pa (lift . i)

	Thanks, Joel


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