[Haskell-cafe] invalid character encoding

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Mar 19 11:06:49 EST 2005

David Roundy wrote:

>That's not true, there could be many filesystems, each of which uses a
>different encoding for the filenames.  In the case of removable media, this
>scenario isn't even unlikely.
I agree - I can quite easily see the situation occuring where a student 
(say from japan) brings in a zip-disk or USB key formatted with a 
japanese filename encoding, that I need to read on my computer (with a 
UK locale).

Also can different windows have different encodings? I might have a web 
browser (written in haskell?) running and have windows with several 
different encodings open at the same time, whist saving things on 
filesystems with differing encodings.


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