[Haskell-cafe] wxHaskell htmlWindow usage

David Owen d_w_o at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 15 09:51:26 EST 2005

Good day all,

I am attempting to display html pages using wxHaskell's HtmlWindow 
functions.  I am hoping that it is indeed possible for me to do just that 
and that I haven't misunderstood what HtmlWindow is used for.

My code so far will create a frame, a button and an HtmlWindow and other 
assorted things.  I would like an html file to be displayed in the window 
when the button is clicked.  At the moment, only the path (a string) of the 
html file that I would like to display is printed in the window when the 
button is clicked.

Here is some of the code i've been trying to get to do this:

-- the main frame
       f <- frame [text := "Browser", fullRepaintOnResize := False]
-- create html window
       hw <- htmlWindowCreate f 1 (Rect 50 150 50 150) 5 "theWindow"
-- 'load page' button
       go <- button f [text := "Load Page", on command := htmlWindowSetPage 
hw "c:/example.html"]

(I've left out the layout part here)

htmlWindowSetPage might be the wrong function to use for this or I might 
just be using it incorrectly.  This may well be more complicated than I'm 
hoping it is too!

Thankyou to whoever has a look at this.

bye all


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