[Haskell-cafe] Overlapping Instances with Functional Dependencies

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Mon Jul 11 19:39:03 EDT 2005

Daniel Brown wrote:

>    class Baz a b | a -> b
>    instance Baz (a -> b) (a -> [b])
>    instance Baz a a
> ...but Baz fails with this error...
> When confronted with overlapping instances, the compiler chooses the
> most specific one (if it is unique), e.g. `Baz (a -> b) (a -> [b])` is
> more specific than `Baz a a`.
> But it seems that the combination of the two features is broken: if the
> most specific instance is chosen before checking the functional
> dependency, then the fundep is satisfied; if the fundep is checked
> before choosing the most specific instance, then it isn't.

There is a way to write your example in Haskell as it is. The key idea
is that functional dependencies can be given *per instance* rather than
per class. To assert such dependencies, you need the `TypeCast'
constraint, which is throughly discussed in the HList technical

The following is the complete code for the example, which runs on GHC
6.4. We see that the functional dependencies work indeed: the compiler
figures out the types of test1 and test2 and test3 (and thus resolved
overloading) without any type signatures or other intervention on our

{-# OPTIONS -fglasgow-exts #-}
{-# OPTIONS -fallow-undecidable-instances #-}
{-# OPTIONS -fallow-overlapping-instances #-}

module Foo where

class Baz a b | a -> b
instance Baz (a -> b) (a -> [b])
instance Baz a a

-- No functional dependencies here!
class Baz a b where baz :: a -> b

-- Rather, dependencies are here
instance TypeCast a r => Baz a r where
    baz a = typeCast a

instance TypeCast (a -> [b]) r => Baz (a -> b) r where
    baz f = let r = \a -> [f a] in typeCast r

-- Chooses the instance Baz a a
test1 = baz True
-- True

-- Chooses the instance Baz (a -> b) (a -> [b])
test2 = (baz show) (1::Int)
-- ["1"]

test3 x = (baz show) x
test3' = test3 (Just True)
-- ["Just True"]

-- copied verbatim from the HList library
class TypeCast   a b   | a -> b, b->a   where typeCast   :: a -> b
class TypeCast'  t a b | t a -> b, t b -> a where typeCast'  :: t->a->b
class TypeCast'' t a b | t a -> b, t b -> a where typeCast'' :: t->a->b
instance TypeCast'  () a b => TypeCast a b where typeCast x = typeCast' () x
instance TypeCast'' t a b => TypeCast' t a b where typeCast' = typeCast''
instance TypeCast'' () a a where typeCast'' _ x  = x

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