[Haskell-cafe] programatica and haddock

Thomas Hallgren hallgren at cse.ogi.edu
Fri Jul 1 18:54:38 EDT 2005


Christian Maeder wrote:

>I would like to see the advantages of both, programatica's documentation
>generation and haddock, to be united. (programatica sources don't go
>through haddock and have few type signatures that haddock could exploit,
>and haddock comments are useless for programatica.)
>Unfortunately, the markup used by both programs is different. "{-+" in
>programatica and "{- |" in haddock.
>Is there any chance that both documentation approaches could be streamlined?

Yes, adding support for Haddock style comment markup to the current HTML 
renderer in the Programatica tools shouldn't be hard, so I might do 
that. If I also add support for generating Haddock style documentation, 
I could take advantage of the fact that the Programatica tools can infer 
types, to compensate for the lack of explicit type signatures in source 

Thomas H

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