[Haskell-cafe] Re: ocr'ed version of "The implementation offunctional languages"

Victor Snezhko snezhko at indorsoft.ru
Mon Jan 31 05:25:37 EST 2005

"Simon Peyton-Jones" <simonpj at microsoft.com> writes:

> Matthew
> Yes, I'm happy for you to OCR the book, but can I ask that whatever
> you get be made accessible from my web site, so there's one place
> people can go to find everything that's available? 
> What would OCR buy us?  Searching, I guess, which is a fantastic
> plus.  Anything else? 

It's just more convenient to read OCRed books than raster ones.
Zoom without interpolation, possibility to convert to whatever format
you like without much effort, etc.

> Thanks very much for offering to help.  I've replied to
> haskell-café, so everyone knows what's up, but we can now save
> everyone's bandwidth by narrowing the thread to Ivan, Marnie (who
> did the original work), you, and me.  If anyone else wants to join
> in, do yell 

I would be happy to participate in the process too.

WBR, Victor V. Snezhko
e-mail: snezhko at indorsoft.ru

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