[Haskell-cafe] Re: ocr'ed version of "The implementation of functional languages"

Ivan Boldyrev boldyrev+nospam at cgitftp.uiggm.nsc.ru
Mon Jan 31 01:48:16 EST 2005

On 9005 day of my life Matthew Roberts wrote:
> I have just embarked on creating a ocr'ed version of the jpeg images 
> that have been made available for "The implementation of functional 
> languages".

I have high-resolution scans of this books.  If Simon permits, I will
create OCR from these scans.  But I think, we must obtain author's
permission before OCR'ing.

PNG version of scans will be released soon.  While size of page is
same, quality is much better, probably it will improve speed of

And compact DjVu version will be released too.  Perhaps I could use
OCR'ed text for creating searchable version of DjVu?

> However, my ocr software is clunky at best and (not surprisingly) it is 
> slow going.

What kind of software do you use?

Ivan Boldyrev

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