[Haskell-cafe] Math libraries for Haskell

Dmitri Pissarenko mailing-lists at dapissarenko.com
Tue Jan 18 14:41:28 EST 2005

> Are you interested in seeing Haskell implementation of these
> algorithms, or are you interested in using eignevalues in some Haskell
> program?

I am interested in using eigenvalues in a Haskell program.

> This seems like a perfect candidate for using FFI if you're just
> looking for fast eigenvalue computations (though you'll need to
> write/find a C library to do it first).

You mean that I have to write a program in C (or other language), which
calculates the eigenvalues, and then let the C program co-operate with the
Haskell program via FFI?


Dmitri Pissarenko
Dmitri Pissarenko
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