[Haskell-cafe] OpenAL bindings / compiling ghc 6.5

Michael Benfield leftfist at mac.com
Wed Dec 28 10:15:04 EST 2005

I see here:

OpenAL bindings listed as part of the Hierachical Libraries. And when I 
download the source to a development snapshot of GHC, there they are. 
Is there a way to install this on GHC 6.4?

Alternatively... I can't get GHC 6.5 to compile. I do ./configure && 
make and it gets to this step:
==fptools== make all -r;
  in /Users/mike/source/ghc-6.5.20051221/ghc/compiler
and sits forever (well, I only let it sit a day and a half, 
actually...). And the only relevant process that seems to be running is 
gmake (no ghc or gcc or anything). I've tried a few different versions 
of 6.5, including HEAD and STABLE branch. I'm on Mac OS 10.3.9. Thanks.

Mike Benfield

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