[Haskell-cafe] StringMap

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Fri Dec 23 09:29:31 EST 2005


It almost seems like this was addressed to me personally :-)

I have produced a somewhat limited StringMap implementation
(and claimed ownership the Data.StringMap name :-) ..


It uses AVL tree based tries. Not much has been done to this
recently as I've been very busy in my real life (the boring
stuff I have to do from time to time to put food on the table).
But I'm more or less free of this now so intend to pick it up
again, and probably also bring it into line with whatever common
API Jean-Phillipe Bernardy defines for the various collections

Adrian Hey

On Friday 23 Dec 2005 12:36 pm, Christian Maeder wrote:
> Hi,
> could I ask you for efficient StringMap implementations, i.e. based on
> tries or hash keys? It's mainly for the sake of interest. In the (not
> too distant) future I'd like to see a library module Data.MapString
> along the lines of Data.Map and Data.IntMap.
> So it would be nice (but no requirement) if your implementation could be
> easily compared to (or exchanged with) the "Data.Map String" instance.
> (I also still lack a comparison and correctness test infrastructure.)
> Cheers and Merry Xmas
> Christian
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