[Haskell-cafe] Battling laziness

Joel Reymont joelr1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 11:03:55 EST 2005

On Dec 16, 2005, at 3:47 PM, Simon Marlow wrote:

> Ok, so your heap is mainly full of (a) thunks generated by  
> something in
> Script.Array, (b) Word8s, and (c) Ints.

Would it be worth investigaiting who is holding on to them?

> interesting... Word8 and Int correspond to the -hd output above,  
> but '*'
> indicates that the type of the <Script.Array.sat_s46N> is polymorphic.
> Completely polymorphic closures like this are usually (error
> "something"), which is a silly thing to fill up your heap with :-)

So what do I do then? If I add cost center annotations to  
Script.Array, will they show up in the -hd report?

	Thanks, Joel


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