[Haskell-cafe] Can't Haskell catch up with Clean's uniqueness typing?

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> On Thu, 2005-12-08 at 11:29 -0800, Jeremy Shaw wrote:
> The only case it is a benefit is when it accidentally happens and it's just
> a bonus, but in that case you never needed the optimisation it in the
> first place.

If you prefer consistently slower code to accidentilly faster one, you can still turn off the optimisations of your
choice. :)

> We already have this issue in Haskell with strictness.

This holds for nearly every automatical optimisation, doesn't it?

> So if it were easy to find out the uniqueness that the compiler was
> inferring then it might actually be useful to people that it did such an
> inference. Since in that case they would be able to check that it was
> actually kicking in and modify their code if it were not. You would also
> want to be able to ask the questions "why is it not unique here when I
> expect it to be", just like the compiler currently answers our question
> of why the type is not what we expect it to be at some place in the
> program.
> Duncan

I couldn't agree more.



p.s.: Strangely, Tomasz's reply again appears as being sent from my address in the archive. Anyone knows why?

p.p.s: At least as weirdly, the first version of my duplicated mail unexpectedly _has_ shown up again (after more than 5
hours), whilst another, later message of mine was posted within minutes! Sorry everyone for the inconvenience.

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