[Haskell-cafe] Oracle + Haskell advice?

Brian Strand bstrand at switchmanagement.com
Wed Aug 17 20:46:13 EDT 2005


I'm thinking about (re)writing some perl code in Haskell (for performance and 
correctness reasons).  Has anyone done much with Oracle and Haskell?  So far 
I've gotten takusen (http://cvs.sf.net/viewcvs.py/haskell-libs/libs/takusen/) 
to compile and run on my Suse 9.3 x86-64 box against Oracle 10.1.  If this 
pans out the production environment is a bunch of mid-size (4gb+ mem, 1tb+ 
disk) Oracle boxes typically processing millions of rows per day.

Before I wade in too deep, I'm wondering if anyone has done much "business 
app" programming with Haskell (where "business app" is rather fuzzily defined 
as database access, web UIs, interfacing with various systems over ip, etc.). 
  Does anyone have any advice?  eg "don't go there" or "works great!" or "try 
OCaml" :) .


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