[Haskell-cafe] fptools in darcs now available

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 28 10:08:14 EDT 2005

On 28 April 2005 14:26, John Goerzen wrote:

> To do that though, we should really identify a permanent home for the
> canonical fptools darcs repo.  I'm not really set up to provide
> accounts for those that would need write access, and I don't want to
> be the gatekeeper (I suspect nobody else wants that either <g>).
> If cvs.haskell.org is up to the task, that would be an ideal location
> IMHO.  I haven't yet convinced tailor.py to work with the pserver for
> fptools, so if it can access the repo on the local filesystem, that
> would be ideal.  Plus, one could then cron it to run frequently.

cvs.haskell.org is the way to go - we already have all the required
accounts set up on that machine, and you get local access to the CVS
repo.  I've asked the owner of the box if it can be upgraded.  Failing
that, you'll just have to make darcs more efficient ;-)

There's already an old version of darcs installed (0.9.18), and darcs
repos in /home/darcs.  Cabal is kept there, for example.  We need to
upgrade that version of darcs, I presume - can you point me at an
appropriate RPM?

> Now, having said that, I did keep the request in mind.  I figure that
> this big repo can be split up into smaller ones at any time after the
> CVS mirroring is stopped.  For each smaller one, the process would be:
> 1. Branch (darcs get) the master repo
> 2. Delete all the files that don't apply to the smaller project
> 3. Rename the smaller project's files as appropriate
> 4. Checkpoint here

Won't that leave a lot of useless history in each individual project?
When I do 'darcs get' locally to check out a few sub-repositories, won't
I get N copies of all the old history?

>>   - commit mails to the cvs-<blah>@haskell.org lists
> I figure a cron job can do this.  Every x minutes, run darcs changes
> -s, and send copies of never-before-seen logs to the list.  Should be
> fairly trivial.  I can do this too.  (But only after the CVS gateway
> is disabled; otherwise, you'd get two copies for every commit)

Keep the cvs gateway for the time being; at some point we can seamlessly
change to generating commit mails from the darcs repository.  

BTW, one thing I've always wanted is a hyperlink in the commit mail that
takes me straight to the patch.


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