[Haskell-cafe] REMINDER: Contributions to the HC&A Report (May 2005 edition)

Andres Loeh hcar at haskell.org
Thu Apr 28 08:12:31 EDT 2005

Dear Haskellers,

the deadline for the May 2005 edition of the Haskell Communities and
Activities Report is only a few days away -- but this is still enough
time to make sure that the report contains a section on *your*
project, on the interesting stuff that you've been doing; using or
affecting Haskell in some way.

Many projects that have been included in former reports have not yet
updated their entries. Please have a look at


and at the November 2004 edition for reference.

* Has your project been listed in previous Reports, but is not yet
  updated? Please write a short update!

* Are you no longer working on a project that was included in the
  Report? Write up what you are working on instead, and tell me if
  someone else has picked up the project.

* Is some project you have heard about not included in any previous
  Report? Please let me know ...

There is still time to write a completely new entry, on a new
compiler, tool, library, company, user group, idea, ... -- as long as
there is a connection to the Haskell language, there is a place for it
in the Report!

Submissions are due by next Tuesday, that is

  Tuesday, 03 May 2005.

Please mail your entries to <hcar at haskell dot org>, in plain text
or pseudo-(La)TeX format. More information can be found in the
original Call for Contributions at


I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Thanks a lot,

  Andres (current editor)

Haskell Communities and Activities Report (http://haskell.org/communities)
05/2005 edition submission deadline: 03 May 2005 <hcar at haskell.org>

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