[Haskell-cafe] Re: Are handles garbage-collected?

Remi Turk rturk at science.uva.nl
Sun Oct 24 09:29:23 EDT 2004

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 02:16:50PM +0200, Peter Simons wrote:
> Tomasz Zielonka writes:
>  > AFAIK, Handles have finalisers which close them, but I
>  > don't know if GHC triggers garbage collection when file
>  > descriptors run out. If not, you will have problems if
>  > you manage to run out of fds between GCs.
> Thank you for answering.
> Now there is only one problem: Assuming I could _not_ use
> 'bracket', 'withFile', 'finally' or any of the other usual
> scope-guarding techniques, what would I do? (The handle has
> to be passed up to the outside of the scope in which it was
> opened.)
Refactoring comes to the mind... ;)

> If I stored the handle in an 'MVar' and attached an
> MVar-finalizer to that, would that work better? Would the
> MVar's finalizer be run any sooner than the one attached to
> the handle anyway? 
Both are just finalizers, so it won't make any difference AFAICS.

> Or can I explicitly trigger garbage collection somehow? Say,
> in case I receive an exception telling me that file
> descriptors are running out? Which exception would I even
> get in this case?
> Peter

You could try using something like this instead of the normal
(or make it even less portable by importing GHC.IOBase and only
retrying on ResourceExhausted)

module Main where

import IO
import System.Mem

myOpenFile path mode
        = catch (openFile path mode) $ \_ -> do
                putStrLn "==> Open failed. Retrying <=="
                openFile path mode

open    = openFile "/tmp/foo" ReadMode
myOpen  = myOpenFile "/tmp/foo" ReadMode


-- Let's eat all available filedescriptors.

*Main> sequence (repeat open)
Loading package haskell98 ... linking ... done.
*** Exception: /tmp/foo: openFile: resource exhausted (Too many open files)

-- They are indeed all gone.

*Main> h <- open
*** Exception: /tmp/foo: openFile: resource exhausted (Too many open files)

-- What about performing garbage collection?

*Main> h <- myOpen
==> Open failed. Retrying <==

*Main> h
{handle: /tmp/foo}



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