[Haskell-cafe] Including registered packages for GHC using Eclipse

Leif Frenzel himself at leiffrenzel.de
Mon Oct 4 14:20:01 EDT 2004

Hi Geoff,

you have hit a weak point there ;-)

You cannot yet specify packages in the Eclipse plugin. It will be possible
in the next release, though, which will allow to specify additional options
that are passed to the compiler. I hope to get that version (0.5) out at the
end of October.

Meanwhile, it is possible to hack the plugin and make it use custom options,
but this requires some knowledge of Eclipse development. Instructions how to
do it are here:


> I thought I would ask, because although I have been told on the "FP
> for Eclipse" website that it is very much a work-in-progress, I figure
> that importing packages would have been implemented long before we got
> syntax coloring.
Quite the opposite ... Syntax coloring is one of the simplest things you can
do in Eclipse (although it is based on simple rules and very, very crude in
our case ...). Driving the compiler is a more difficult matter, especially
since it has to be platform-independent with Eclipse, and the whole thing is
planned to support different compilers/interpreters.


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