[Haskell-cafe] Including registered packages for GHC using Eclipse

Geoff C gaufridus at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 4 14:02:18 EDT 2004


This list says that rank amateurs can post here.  One has arrived :-!

I am just getting going with Haskell and Eclipse both, and cannot
figure out how to include a package with Eclipse.  I am on Win2kPro
using GHC 6.2.1, wxHaskell 0.8, and Eclipse 3.0.1.  Since I have just
recently downloaded all of these, they should all be the latest of the
stable versions.

The package I am using is wxHaskell.  I can go to the samples
directory and type:

   ghc helloworld.hs -package wx -o test

...and I get a successful compilation with an executable named
test.exe that runs just fine.

In Eclipse, I have no problem generating executables for short Haskell
programs from my tutorial (YAHT) that use the console for output, but
it cannot find the wx package.

I have rename the file HelloWorld.hs to main.hs in my attempts to
compile.  The module tries to import Graphics.UI.WX but fails.

I tried going to Window->Preferences->'FunctionalProgramming->
Haskell->Compiler->GHCCompiler, and in the "ghc Executable" field,
changing "ghc" to "ghc -package wx", but as soon as I start typing,
the grayed out text box below says:

   java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: "ghc " --version error=2
   java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: "ghc " --print-libdir error=2

...and the compiler still cannot find module Graphics.UI.WX.  (Not
surprising, eh :-?)

I believe I successfully added the directory "c:\program
files\wxhaskell-0.8\bin" in Projects->Properties->ImportLibraries, but
it didn't do anything.  (I suppose that is for DLLs anyway, but I was
trying everything I could think of before asking.)  I removed it
though, and now clicking on Add in that dialog doesn't seem to do

I thought I would ask, because although I have been told on the "FP
for Eclipse" website that it is very much a work-in-progress, I figure
that importing packages would have been implemented long before we got
syntax coloring.

Sorry this turned out so long,

Thank you,
   -- Geoff C

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