[Haskell-cafe] Toy application advice wanted

Peter G. Hancock hancock at spamcop.net
Fri May 7 16:20:39 EDT 2004

Sound on linux tends to center around the "jack" sound
architecture.  This is a demon for connecting audio and midi gadgets
as it were by jack-leads.  From a brief look, it seems very callback
oriented.  It seems to be highly thought of by knowledgable audio
types, and the bee's knees for low latency.

It could be fun to figure out ways of writing jack-clients and
plugins in Haskell.  Would it be difficult, or stupid?   Are
callbacks to Haskell from C a problem? 

I suppose an interesting jackable component written in Haskell 
would of necessity something more midi than audio oriented. 

Peter Hancock

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