[Haskell-cafe] humor

Jon Cast jcast at ou.edu
Fri Jul 30 18:00:46 EDT 2004

enrico.santoemma at tin.it wrote:
> When I met Java some time ago, I said to myself: "Java is a great language
> to write IDEs for the Java language".
> Now that I'm looking for Haskell source code (perhpas that there is another
> way to learn a language than to spy on others?), I'm tempted to say: "Haskell
> is a great language to write libraries for the Haskell language"
> Well... more seriously, does someone have got links to applications with
> visible source?

Define `application'...  Many of the tools (not just libraries) for
Haskell are written in Haskell:

sourceforge.net/projects/syntran (plug!)

See also haskell.org/practice.html.  Note that, of course, most
applications written in Haskell are written to solve problems Haskellers
are interested in, and most of us aren't interested in GUIs.

More generally: Haskell is a great language for writing compilers for
any language, not just Haskell; we haven't seen a C compiler, say,
written in Haskell primarily because gcc has that market cornered.  I
would expect that the first major `real world' application of Haskell
will be an interpreter for some kind of DSL or scripting language (I
hope not, because that means I won't have written it, but I expect so).

Jon Cast

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