[Haskell-cafe] migrating from python

paolo veronelli paolo_veronelli at yahoo.it
Tue Jul 13 10:34:17 EDT 2004

I'm working on semantics and triples (RDF & co)

Python code for inference in based totally on dictionaries (associative 
arrays ??),nested three or four times.
The result is astonishing me:compact beautiful modular and extremely 

I imagine that haskell way should be different but I'm in the dark.

As the stream of triples coming from outside estabilishes the actions to 
be done for inference,the searching through
keys (the words that form any triple) is the main job:every time I pick up 
a triple I have to enlarge the knowledge
more or less "near" the resources represented by the words.

And after I have produced  (possibly) some new inferred triples surely I 
have to reswitch on some already read triples,
matching a pattern.

All these are very natural with dictionaries, so I'd like to figure out 
the haskell view.

				Thanks for your quiteness and answers Paolino
....lotta dura  per la verdura

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