[Haskell-cafe] Giving up imperative habits....

paolo veronelli paolo_veronelli at yahoo.it
Sat Jul 10 09:51:47 EDT 2004

Usually I tend not to give much information to a subroutine intending to 
restrict its liberty of touching the calling information.....

So if I have an instance Inst which should be changed by an outside-Inst 
computation Sub and I'm calling Sub with Sub(I'),I try to build the story 
so that Sub  can only read Inst or a part of it (I') and return some 
specially structured information which then I use "inside" Inst to change 
Inst's state (horribble speech).

The feeling I get with Haskell, is that S should have the freedom of 
changing I and return just I (changed).
Is it any right ??
			grazie Paolino

....lotta dura  per la verdura

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