[Haskell-cafe] Hiding functions

Lyle Kopnicky lists at qseep.net
Fri Aug 13 18:37:14 EDT 2004


It also appears that if I don't call 'catch' from my module, I can 
import both and not have a conflict.

- Lyle

Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:

>It's an explicit Haskell 98 design choice
>	http://haskell.org/onlinereport/modules.html
>"5.6.2  Shadowing Prelude Names
>The rules about the Prelude have been cast so that it is possible to use
>Prelude names for nonstandard purposes; however, every module that does
>so must have an import declaration that makes this nonstandard usage
>It's a decision one could debate, but it was an explicit choice.

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