Database interface - would like advice on oracle library bind ing

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Mon Sep 29 15:18:20 EDT 2003

Yes, I know of it.

Krasimir's code uses similar functions and types in the three bindings
(MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSql), but the bindings do not share a common interface
(AFAICT). Because they are so similar, making them support a common
interface shouldn't be a lot of work.

I was hoping the earlier discussions on database interfaces would converge
to a solution most interested parties agreed on. I'm still sold on the
left-fold interface discussed previously. Oleg claims it is sufficient, as
it can be automatically converted to a stream-like interface. I bit of me
agrees with you that I should be consistent with previous work, and another
bit says make it simple and elegant, and this leads me towards Oleg's
proposals (left-fold + auto-generated value extraction functions +
auto-generated stream functions).

Do others on this list (and elsewhere) have any further opinions as to how a
database interface ought to look?

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> Alistair Bayley wrote:
> > Still making slow progress on an Oracle database binding... 
> > now I'm trying to fit the API I have into some sort of 
> > abstract interface (like the one(s) discussed previously:
> Since the previous dicussion I've discovered Krasimir
> Angelov's HSQL interface as part of his HTOOLKIT:
> This has a uniform abstract interface similar to the one
> discussed, apparently implemented for MYSQL, ODBC, and
> PostgreSQL. I've only played with the MYSQL variant.
> If possible, it would seem sensible to provide a consistent
> interface for your Oracle binding. If not, it may be worth
> persuading him to generalise the interface.
> Then again, perhaps you knew about this already.
> Tim

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