ANNOUNCE: HaRe, the Haskell Refactorer, version 0.1

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Thu Oct 2 13:50:58 EDT 2003

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"C.Reinke" <C.Reinke at> writes:

> Dear Haskellers,
> as part of our project on Refactoring Functional Programs
> we are pleased to announce the availability of HaRe 0.1 (also 
> known as HaRe 01/10/2003 ;-), a snapshot of our Haskell Refactorer
> prototype.

First, let me say that I'm intrigued.  This looks like really neat
functionality to have available.

I'm curious whether you are planning (or have developed) tools to
*detect* cases for refactoring?  Occasionally, I find myself wishing
for a tool to help me clean up a finished program, by e.g.

- removing unused items from export/import lists
- identifying functions which are only used in one place (and thus
  candidate for inclusion in 'where' clauses)
- identifying functions defined in one module, but only (mainly?) used
  by/depending on functions in another module, and thus candidate for
  cross-module migration.
- perhaps similarly, identify function transformation that reduces
  the parameter lists (i.e. exposed function interface)

and so on.  (Does that make sense at all? :-)

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