Haskell Server Pages

Guilherme Lopes tretalhada at netcabo.pt
Sun Nov 23 14:01:26 EST 2003

Grigory Makeev wrote:

> I've seen a WASH project, but i'm not really satisfied with the way 
> pages look there.
> Is anyone writing currently something like
> table = <table border="1"> <% mkRows cells%></table>

	WASH does have everything you need -- except, of course decent-looking 
examples. I suspect they were made with simplicity and functionality in 
mind -- making the reader underestimate the potential of the system.
	To make it look prettier, search google for Cascading Style Sheets 
(CSS), and as to the second request, see

> wash2hs, a preprocessor for including literal XHTML fragments in the 
> style of Haskell Server Pages (HSP) [taken from the wash page]

Hope it helps,

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