Haskell Server Pages

"Grigory Makeev" grigorym at inbox.ru
Wed Nov 19 14:00:39 EST 2003


I'm interested in writing a personal home-page in a functional way, and i'm in need of some clues.

Is there any resource, devoted exactly to the functional approaches to the web programming and web design? 

I've seen a WASH project, but i'm not really saticefied with the way pages look there. What i trully need is something like Haskell Server Pages system, from Erik Meijer's "Haskell Server Pages. Functional programming and the Battle for the Middle Tier" paper, but i haven't found any implementation of that.
I'm not very good at either web programming, or Haskell, i'm just a fan of it, and there's no way i can implement that myself.

Is anyone writing currently something like
table = 
    <table border="1"> <% mkRows cells%></table>

Can anyone provide me with some links?

Best regards, 

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