haskell httpd

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Fri Nov 14 12:01:47 EST 2003

> <rant>
> Frustrating.
> Its been 4 years since I seriously looked at
> Haskell.  I would have expected that over this
> time, someone here would have consolidated it into
> a language useful for real world applications.
> The Haskell in Practice page is shockingly short
> and many of the examples are not actually Haskell
> in practice.
> Does anyone here eat the Haskell dog food or is
> this all just fooling around (basic reasearch)?
> Simon, why did you write the Haskell web server?

  1. To show that it could be done
  2. Because it was fun, and 
  3. So I could write a paper about it

Note that this list does *not* include 

  4. So I could use it

However, several people have found the web server useful and are using
it, either as the basis of further research, or in some cases as the
basis for a real production web server.

It isn't a production web server, as you noticed, but it's a start.


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