Haskell pre-processor

Marta Isabel Oliveira marta.oliveira at optimus.pt
Fri Nov 7 14:50:59 EST 2003

Hello programmers,

I have a problem to solve and don't have a clue where to start.

I need to do a program in haskell that creates automaticly the ana, cata and hylomorphisms to arbitraty types.

It's sort of a pre-processer.

How can i start?

I have the HaPar.hs that has uses Haskell parser to extract the type declarations from a file containing a Haskell module.
I also have the TDec1.hs that has some dataTypes defined(TDec1, CDec1, Type) and some Show instances.

Can anyone help me?
I'm totally new to Haskell :(

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