Type errors in Haskell programming languages - Plz help

Karthik Kumar kaykaydreamz at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 01:16:59 EST 2003

  I was trying this Haskell program and was getting the following type

    The code is as follows - 
<-- Code starts -->
entry :: [Char] -> [(Char,Int)]
entry list = do t <- getGroups list
                mergeGroups t

getGroups   :: [Char] -> [(Char,Int)]
mergeGroups :: [(Char,Int)] -> [(Char,Int)]
<-- Code Ends --> 

  The function getGroups and mergeGroups compile perfectly fine. 

The error i am getting is in the function entry . To paste the message,

*** Expression     : mergeGroups t
*** Term           : t
*** Type           : (Char,Int)
*** Does not match : [(Char,Int)]
     Thanks in advance for helping me in this regard.


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