AW: AW: Heap profiling in GHC broken?

Markus.Schnell at Markus.Schnell at
Tue Nov 4 15:45:57 EST 2003

> The canonical tutorial paper is in the Advanced Functional Programming
> Summer Schools series:
>     C. Runciman and N. Ro"jemo. Heap profiling for space efficiency.
>     In J. Launchbury, E. Meijer, and T. Sheard, editors, 2nd 
> Intl. School
>     on Advanced Functional Programming, pages 159-183, Olympia, WA,
>     August 1996. Springer LNCS Vol. 1129.

Great! I knew only the more compiler-oriented Runciman/Röjemo papers.
(Which were already helpful, but not very 'tutorial'.)


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