Socratic method and Imperativicles

Steffen Mazanek
Wed, 21 May 2003 12:14:46 +0200


I just have read Platon's Euthyphron and was fascinated
by the maieutics of Socrates. So I want to start the little
project "Imperativicles", which should result in a dialog
similar to
Thereby Socrates confuses an impassionate imperative
programmer which thinks in "lines of code" exclusively and 
points him to the beauty of functional programming.
But there is one problem. I cannot express these important,
well-known phrases of Socrates in English. 
So if anybody wants to contribute I would be happy.
All ideas, e.g. argumentations, would be helpful and greatly 
The "project" page is the HaWiKi:

Best regards,
Steffen Mazanek       #Haskell,that's where I just curry until fail,unwords error,drop all undefined,maybe break,otherwise in
                      #sequence span isControl and take max $,id: (d:[])