please help me

John Jonas Savimbi
Tue, 20 May 2003 04:06:34 +0200

From=3A John Jonas Savimbi
Johannesburg=2C South Africa 
Email=3A jjsavimbi=40phantomemail=2Ecom
May 19TH=2C 2003=2E
Dear Sir=2C
It is my humble pleasure to write you this letter irrespective of the fact that you do not know me=2E However=2C I got your name through your country business directory here in my search for a reliable and trustworthy person that can assist me confidently=2E

My name is Mr=2EJohn Jonas Savimbi=2E I am the son of Late Dr=2E Jonas Savimbi from Angola=2E I am 29 years old and I have got two younger sisters of same blood=2E Our mother died almost a year ago=2E We are all fighting for political asylum in South Africa=2E We cannot find a home in Angola anymore because of the war that our late father fought with the government of Angola until he died in that war=2E The government of Angola is now mad at us because our late father also wanted to be president and caused the people to fight the war for him because he was the president of UNITA political movement of Angola=2E 

So now we are in South Africa and we are suffering too much because we don't have money and the government of South Africa will not give jobs to asylum seekers=2E I am much concerned about my younger sisters who are finding it very difficult to manage in the situation=2E But I know that we should not suffer this way=2E I know that I must not let my younger sisters get into trouble because of money=2E So after consideration I am hereby begging for your assistance to help me to recover the sum of USD $29 Million which is my inheritance from my late mother=2E My late mother had taken this money with her to Spain in a diplomatic metal box marked =28Precious Stones=29=2E Subsequently she lodged the metal box =28As precious Stones=29 with a Securities and Valuables Protection company in Spain=2E I am supposed to be the beneficiary in the event of her death=2E However=2C all effort I made to go Spain to claim was refused by the Spainish embassy=2E And this was while it was still possible for me to travel=2E Now I cannot travel anywhere anymore=2E So in the situation that we are facing now=2C I must find somebody who can go to the Spain on my behalf=2E

I understand that I will have to transfer my beneficiary rights unto you=2E I am willing to do so in the hope that you are a God fearing person who will not abandon us after you have the money=2E So from the bottom of my heart I am giving you 20% of the all the money=2E Once we have enough to sustain us sufficiently=2C you may be come our fund manager and invest the rest wisely for us=2E If you will be kind to assist us=2C please inform me urgently=2E

Kind regards to you and your family=2E


John Jonas savimbi