Is my question bad ?

Antoine Utonium
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 07:24:41 +0200

Karl M Syring wrote:
> Antoine Utonium wrote on Sat, 31 May 2003 13:29:09 +0200:
>> I recently asked you who knows how to link haskell-made code to C
>> apps, or call haskell code from C code, or encapsulate, traduce,
>> Haskell code in C code.
>> I just want to use haskell when I need advanced algorithms, & C for
>> I/O, and GUI (under windows)..
>> If my question has been answered yet, or if my english is too bad,
>> please say me, or give me links to answers.
>> Thanks.
>> Antoine Utonium wrote:
>>> Everything is in the title. I like "simplicity" of Haskell and would
>>> like to use what i write in my c/c++ programs.
>>> Thanks a lot by advance.
> I guess, there are people who have tried, but failed :-)
> The easiest way would be to make a COM server in Haskell.
> You should have a look at the HDirect sources, where there are
> some examples. Generally using a COM dll from Haskell seems to
> work, while the other way round seems to be problematic.

Thank you for your answer. I don't really know what is a COM server but msdn
doc probably will say me more on that. I saw a work at microsoft research,
called Pan, which used Haskell code, and translated it to C to compile it.
But produced code was too obfusquated to reuse it in C sources. So i'm going
to try COM solution.